A cloud administrator can monitor and manage infrastructure resources and deployment optimizations within each cloud zone. By visualizing real-time insights, and reviewing suggested actions for the resources you support, you can proactively help project owners manage their resource capacity and optimize their deployments.

You can use the Insights dashboard to explore metric data for the resources and deployments in cloud zones within the projects that you manage. Use that information, provided from a combination of vRealize Automation and your integrated vRealize Operations Manager application, to make any needed adjustments to memory, CPUs, and so on, or share that information with your team so that they can be better informed and make any needed adjustments.

The Insights dashboard enables you to contact some or all of the project owners who have deployments in the cloud zone that contain reclaimable resource capacity. The cloud zone insights display reclaimable capacity for projects and deployments.

Contacted project owners see notification on their deployment's Alerts page. The notification contains their name and the name of (and link to) each deployment that can be optimized.

The Insights dashboard is available for vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS cloud zones, provided that the cloud accounts are configured in both vRealize Automation and vRealize Operations Manager and are being monitored in vRealize Operations Manager.


About vRealize Operations Manager and the collected resource capacity metrics

vRealize Operations Manager collects capacity metrics for the same infrastructure resources that you and the teams that you support use in vRealize Automation. By integrating vRealize Automation with vRealize Operations Manager, the vRealize Operations Manager metric data is made available and displayed for each managed project in an Insights dashboard within each cloud zone.

Project data is parsed to the vRealize Automation dashboard from the integrated vRealize Operations Manager application. The Insights dashboard displays the following information:
  • CPU utilization percentage relative to capacity
  • Memory utilization percentage relative to capacity
  • Storage utilization percentage relative to capacity
  • Calculated CPU and memory demand history and projected demand
  • Option to contact owners of some or all of the deployments in a cloud zone that can be optimized by reclaiming resources, for example by resizing or deleting machines. Optimization data is calculated in the order of days.

The Insights dashboard is available for vSphere resources.

A trend widget displays the compute components of a cloud zone (such as clusters and hosts), their CPU GHz usage relative to CPU capacity, and their memory GB usage relative to memory capacity.

Information about the roles that are required to use alerts is available at Custom user roles in vRealize Automation.

For related information, see Resource management and deployment optimization using vRealize Operations Manager metrics in vRealize Automation.


Open a cloud zone to discover its capacity metrics and optionally fetch information about project deployments that can be optimized. Data is collected and supplied by the associated vRealize Operations Manager application.
  1. From Cloud Assembly, click Infrastructure > Configure > Cloud Zones and select a cloud zone.

    Screen showing the open a cloud zone screen, no name specified

  2. Click the Insights tab and examine the insights dashboard.

    The following example displays CPU, memory, and storage capacity information for the resources that are used by projects in the cloud zone.

    sample insights dashboard

  3. To notify the project owner of any deployments that can be optimized, click Contact Owner in the Projects section. Notifications appear on the Alerts tab page.

    sample insights dashboard with Contact owners highlighted

  4. To fetch optimization information about each deployment for the project, click Proceed.

    Contact owners screen shot click Proceed

    If the project contains deployments that can be optimized, that information is conveyed to the project owner on the Cloud Assembly Alerts tab.

  5. A message appears indicating the number of deployments that can be optimized.

    Contact owners results - example states that 4 owners have received an alert

    Notification information about these resources and deployments is available to the project owner on the Cloud Assembly Alerts tab. For this example, that notification information includes the name of, and a link to, each deployment that can be optimized, as shown in the following example:

    Alerts page showing a named deployment to be optimized that is a link to that deployment

Next steps

Use the information that you have obtained from the Insights dashboard to make any needed adjustments to the resources that you manage. Open the Alerts page to obtain additional information, suggested actions, and links to deployments that can be optimized. See How to use Alerts to manage resource capacity, performance, and availability in vRealize Automation.