Provider administrators can manage Virtual Private Zones (VPZs) within Cloud Assembly to control infrastructure resource allocation on a per tenant basis. Using the Tenant Management page, administrators can view tenants and VPZ zones and enable or disable VPZs for tenants.

By default, Virtual Private Zones are not allocated to any tenants. You must allocate VPZ's on this page in order to use them with your tenants.

When initially created,VPZ's are enabled by default. An enabled VPZ is ready to be allocated and used with the specified tenant. When VPZ's are disabled, they cannot be used for provisioning or allocated to a tenant. A VPZ can be disabled but still allocated for a tenant.

When a provider administrator navigates to the Tenant Management page, the page shows all available tenants and the administrator can select one. After a tenant is selected, the page shows VPZs currently allocated for that tenant, if any. The administrator can use this page to allocate VPZs to the selected tenant.

When a VPZ is allocated, tenant administrators can add it to their projects, and it becomes available for provisioning by tenant users. After a VPZ is allocated to one tenant, it can be allocated to another tenant.

After a VPZ is enabled, it is ready for use within the specified tenant. Provider administrators can disable VPZ's to facilitate maintenance or tenant re-configuration, and they can provide notification to users of the disablement. If you want to make a VPZ unavailable to a tenant on a more permanent basis, you can de-allocate it. If an existing VPZ is de-allocated from a tenant for some reason, it cannot be used to create deployments from that tenant.



  1. In Cloud Assembly select Manage Tenants.
    The Tenant Management page shows all tenants configured for the administrator's organization in a card view.
  2. Click on a tenant to select it.
  3. Click the infrastructure management tab to see all allocated VPZ's for the tenant
  4. Select Allocate Virtual Private Zone to open a dialog that shows all zones not currently allocated to tenants. allocate the zone to a tenant.
  5. Select one or more zones on the dialog and click Allocate To Tenant.

What to do next

After VPZs are allocated, tenant administrators can assign them to projects.

Provider administrators can use the card view of tenants to monitor and manager status of VPZs.

  • If you want to disable a tenant, click Disable on the card for the tenant.
  • To enable a tenant, click Enable on the card for the tenant.
  • If you want to de-allocate a tenant, click Deallocate on the card for that tenant.