For network and security purposes, you can create and associate an NSX-V cloud account with a vCenter cloud account.

An NSX-V cloud account can only be associated to one vCenter cloud account.

The association between NSX-V and a vCenter cloud account must be configured outside of vRealize Automation, specifically in your NSX application. vRealize Automation doesn't create the association between NSX and vCenter. In vRealize Automation, you specify an association that already exists in NSX.



  1. Select Infrastructure > Connections > Cloud Accounts and click Add Cloud Account.
  2. Select the NSX-V account type and enter the NSX-V host IP address.
  3. Enter your NSX administrator credentials and click Validate.

    The assets associated with the account are collected.

    If the NSX host IP address is not available, validation fails.

  4. If available, select the vCenter endpoint that represents the vCenter cloud account that you are associating with this NSX-V account.

    Only vCenter cloud accounts that are not currently associated to an NSX-T or NSX-V cloud account are available for selection.

    For information about making association changes after you have deployed a cloud template, see What happens if I remove an NSX cloud account association in vRealize Automation.

  5. If you want to add tags to support a tagging strategy, enter capability tags.

    You can add or remove capability tags later. See How do I use tags to manage Cloud Assembly resources and deployments.

    video symbolFor information about how capability tags and constraint tags help control deployment placements, see the Constraint Tags and Placement video tutorial.

  6. Click Save.

What to do next

You can create or edit a vCenter cloud account to associate with this NSX cloud account. See Create a vCenter cloud account in vRealize Automation.

Create and configure one or more cloud zones for use with the data centers that are used by this cloud account. See Learn more about Cloud Assembly cloud zones.

Configure infrastructure resources for this cloud account. See Building your Cloud Assembly resource infrastructure.