You can integrate MyVMware with Cloud Assembly to support VMware related actions and capabilities associated with downloadable components that require an account.

You can create only one My VMware integration for each organization.


You must have a user account with the appropriate permissions for MyVMware.

  • For information about inviting a user to a MyVMware account, see KB 2070555.

  • For information about assigning user permissions in a My VMware account, see KB 2006977.


  1. Select Infrastructure > Connections > Integrations and click Add Integration.
  2. Select My VMware.
  3. Enter the required information on the MyVMware configuration page.
  4. If you require tags to support a tagging strategy, enter capability tags. See How do I use tags to manage Cloud Assembly resources and deployments and Creating a tagging strategy.
  5. Click Add.


My VMware is available for use.

What to do next

Access My VMware components as needed.