As a cloud administrator, you can create a vRealize Automation cloud account for Amazon Web Services (AWS) for account regions to which your team will deploy vRealize Automation cloud templates.

For authorized users, AWS cloud accounts support access to the AWS GovCloud configuration. This configuration supports most of the standard vRealize Automation cloud account functionality with regard to project configuration, tags, and infrastructure. In Cloud Assembly cloud templates, it does support use of AWS Platform as a Service (PaaS) properties.

The following procedure describes how to configure an AWS cloud account.



  1. Select Infrastructure > Connections > Cloud Accounts and click Add Cloud Account.
  2. Select the AWS account type, and enter credentials and other values.
  3. Click Validate.
    The account regions associated with the account are collected.
  4. Select the regions to which you want to provision this resource.
  5. For efficiency, click Create a Cloud zone for the selected regions.
  6. If you need to add tags to support a tagging strategy, enter capability tags. See How do I use tags to manage Cloud Assembly resources and deployments and Creating a tagging strategy.

    video symbolFor more information about how capability tags and constraint tags help control deployment placements, see the Constraint Tags and Placement video tutorial.

  7. Click Add.


The account is added to vRealize Automation, and the selected regions are available for the specified cloud zone.

What to do next

Configure infrastructure resources for this cloud account.