For various reasons, your migration to vRealize Automation 8 might fail. If your migration fails, perform these troubleshooting steps.

Table 1. Troubleshooting Failed Migration
Type of Migration Reason Solution
Cloud Account Migration Your cloud account migration might fail due to a migration timeout. Retry cloud account migration.
Blueprint Migration failure for blueprints that contain NSX components. During bulk migration, if any of the endpoints fail to migrate for the business group and the same business group contains NSX components, the NSX association might fail. For example, blueprints containing security groups fail to migrate because the migration assistant service does not find the associated NSX cloud account. Manually add the NSX association to vCenters in vRealize Automation 8 and retry migration.
Subscription migration failed Some subscriptions depend on fields such as deploymentId and blueprintId. If infrastructure components have not been migrated first, subscription migration fails. Migrate infrastructure components and then retry subscription migration.
XaaS Blueprint or Custom Resource migration failed If the underlying workflows have not been migrated or are not supported in vRealize Automation 8, XaaS blueprint/Custom Resource migration fails. Migrate underlying workflows and then retry XaaS Blueprint/Custom Resource migration. If the workflow is not supported the blueprint/resource can't be migrated.