You can perform a new fresh installation of VMware Identity Manager or upgrade an existing instance, using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. You can also upgrade outside vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, and then reimport by triggering the inventory sync in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

For more information about the latest version of VMware Identity Manager and upgrade instructions, see the VMware Identity Manager Release Notes, and then trigger an upgrade from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

When upgrading VMware Identity Manager, using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager:

  • Verify that you have taken a snapshot of VMware Identity Manager nodes.
  • Verify that you have your product binaries mapped.
  • For a clustered VMware Identity Manager upgrade, ensure to disable all the stand-by nodes in the load-balancer so that the traffic is not routed to the stand-by nodes and enable them back once the upgrade is completed.

To complete the upgrade steps, refer to the Upgrade VMware Identity Manager section of the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager documentation.