As a cloud administrator, you use Cloud Assembly to provide cloud templates to your developers so that they can deploy the templates. To manage your cloud resources, you configure the accounts, the regions, the policies, and the projects. If it suits your organization, you can delegate the cloud template creation to project members, or you can create them yourself.

To learn about... See in Using and Managing Cloud Assembly...
Adding more cloud accounts and integrations.

Setting up Cloud Assembly for your organization

Building out your infrastructure.

Building your Cloud Assembly resource infrastructure

Using projects effectively.

How Do I Set Up Cloud Assembly Projects

Infrastructure and template tutorials, starting with vSphere.

vSphere tutorial

Building cloud templates.

Building your Cloud Assembly resource infrastructure

Troubleshooting failed deployments.

What Can I Do If a Deployment Fails

What other resources are available

To use Cloud Assembly in a guided training environment, enroll in the Hands-on-Lab for the vRealize Automation Cloud. The exercises are designed to introduce you to many of the features.