As a cloud administrator, you can use the Applications section of the Resources tab to manage you discovered applications.

This workflow, which focuses on managing virtual machines in your applications, is intended to guide you high level resource management that you can later apply to other resources.

What to do first

Locate discovered applications

Discovered applications are collected from the integrated Ensemble cloud service and added to the applications in the Resources tab.

  1. Select Resources > Applications.
  2. Use the Filter or Search resources to locate the application.
    Screenshot of the applications list with the filter and the search resources called out.

Review the application details

The application resource details includes the resources, the resource state, the account/regions, and the application tier.

  1. Locate the application in the list.
  2. To view the details, click the application name or click the double arrows in the left column.

    The details pane opens on the right side of the list.

    Screenshot of the applications list with the details for one application open.
  3. Review the details, including the power state and cloud/account region.
  4. To see more information about the virtual machine, click the machine name.
    In this virtual machine example, the view switches to the machine details in the Resources > Virtual Machines list.
    Screenshot of the virtual machine details open in the Resources > Virtual Machine view.
  5. To return to the application, click the application name in the detail pane.
  6. To close the pane, click the double arrows or the virtual machine name.

Run day 2 actions on the application virtual machine

You use the day 2 action to the manage the application resources. The current actions for application resources include Power On, Power Off, Update Tags, and Connect to Remote Console.

  1. Locate the application, open the application details, and locate the virtual machine.
  2. Click the vertical ellipsis to see the available actions.

    In this example, the virtual machine is currently powered on and you want to turn it off.

  3. Click Power Off and submit the request.
    Screenshot of the application details view with the day 2 action Power Off highlighted.

    When the process is completed, the machine is powered off. You can now power it back on.

What else can I do with applications

Open Ensemble to expand your insight into the applications. For example, you can view the discovered applications in a more graphical view, assign applications to projects, and view and manage the application cost and performance.

To see applications in Ensemble, you must have the Ensemble Viewer role. To manage applications in Ensemble, you must have the Ensemble Administrator role.

  1. To open Ensemble, click the VMware Cloud Services menu in the upper right corner, and then click vRealize Ensemble.
    Screenshot of the Cloud Services menu with the menu and vRealize Ensemble highlighted.