You use multi-level approvals to maintain technical constraints and capabilities for resources within the organization. In this use case, there are two approval policy definitions that illustrate how you can construct multi-level approvals and the results when they are enforced.

To manage virtual infrastructure resources and to control prices, you add two policies at different approval levels, where one approval is for machine resources and the other is for price of machine per day.


  1. Select Content and Policies > Policies > Definitions > New Policy > Approval Policy.
  2. Configure Approval Policy 1.

    You want an administrator to approve the deployment request first.

    1. Define when the policy is valid.
      Setting Sample Value
      Scope Organization
      Resources has any
          CPU Count greater than 6
          Total Memory (MB) greater than 8
    2. Define the approval behavior.
      Setting Sample Value
      Approval level 1

      Enter a value between 1 and 99.

      You prioritize levels based on the order that you want them processed. When the approval policy is triggered, if the first level of approval is rejected, the request is rejected.

      Approval type Select Role based.
      Approver role Select Project Administrators.
      Approver mode Any

      You want a project administrator to ensure that the deployment request does not waste resources.

      Auto expiry decision Approve
      Auto expiry trigger 3
      Actions Deployment.Create
    If a deployment request exceeds at least one of the level 1 deployment criteria, then an administrator must approve the request. Only level 1 approvers are notified of the request. When an approver approves the request at this level, the request is routed to the next level. If an approver rejects the request, it is not routed to any higher levels and the request is denied.
  3. Configure Approval Policy 2.

    To ensure that a provisioning request is within budget, create a second policy.

    1. Define when the approval policy is valid.
      Setting Sample Value
      Scope Organization
      Deployment Creation Cost greater than 15
    2. Define the approval behavior.
      Setting Sample Value
      Approval level 2

      Because you want this policy to be executed after Policy 1, enter a number that is larger than the number you specified in Policy 1.

      Approval type Select User based.
      Approver mode Any
      Approvers Add user groups

      Select the finance user group.

      Auto expiry decision Reject
      Auto expiry trigger 7
      Actions Deployment.Create


In this scenario, when a user requests a virtual machine, the request is evaluated to determine whether the requested CPU and memory amounts are over the amounts specified in level 1. If they are not and the request is approved at level 1, then the level 2 condition is evaluated.

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