After running a migration assessment on your source instance, you can view the results.

The assessment results are itemized into tabs in the Migration pane:

  • Infrastructure
  • Subscriptions
  • Deployments

The assessed items are listed with their status:

  • Ready - Ready for migration. No action is needed for migration readiness.
  • Ready with warnings - Ready but needs review. Remediate any issues that might impact migration. For example, some custom properties can be ready with warnings. The custom property: VMware.Network.Type is partially supported and is flagged as ready with warnings because it is unclear how this property behaves regarding extensibility in vRealize Automation Cloud 8.
  • Not Ready - Not ready for migration. Review details of the item in your source environment and correct areas needing attention or deselect these items for migration. If you proceed with migration, items marked as Not Ready are excluded from migration.
  • Assessing - Item is still being assessed for migration readiness.
  • Assessment failed - The assessment failed, retry assessment.

Note: If you make changes to your source environment and want to reassess your environment for migration readiness, you must delete the existing assessment from the portal, rerun the capture utility, and then upload the new source bundle for assessment.