The ServiceNow default Workspace view is set to Global but when you installed the ITSM 8.x application, the Workspace view gets overwritten. This is an issue with the ServiceNow platform. To fix this issue, the ServiceNow system administrator requires to perform the steps provided in this section. This section is applicable when you are upgrading the VMware vRealize Automation ITSM Application for ServiceNow from 8.3 or earlier versions.


  • You must be the system administrator in ServiceNow.

  • You must have a setup that has the Global workspace view available.


  1. Log in to another ServiceNow instance where the Global workspace view is available.
  2. Capture the Global workspace view in an Update Set.
  3. Log in to the ServiceNow instance as a System Administrator on the instance where vRealize Automation ITSM Application for ServiceNow is installed.
  4. Commit the Update Set created in the previous step.
  5. If required, from the Forms Related lists, delete the x_vmw_cloudservice_machines view.