The Configure and Run Import Jobs section describes the jobs that are automatically scheduled at the time of installation. You can update the default schedule as required. You can also run these jobs manually (on-demand).

However, exercise caution while changing the default configuration or manually running the jobs as data corruption or loss can occur.


The Scheduled Jobs and System logs functionality will only be visible to the ServiceNow system administrator.


Import jobs must configure and run in the order they appear in the following table. Manual (on-demand) execution of these jobs must also follow this order. Failure to follow this order can cause data corruption or loss.

This table describes the import jobs.

Scheduled Import Jobs


vRA Generate API Token

Generates an authentication token when vRealize Automation is registered. This job gets auto-updated based on the defined schedule.

vRA Import Project

Imports projects from vRealize Automation into ServiceNow as projects.

vRA Import Catalog

Imports catalog items from vRealize Automation into ServiceNow as catalog items.

vRA Import Resources and CMDB

Imports deployments and resources from vRealize Automation into ServiceNow so that users can view the resources they own on the portal. By default, the job execution time is set to 23.59.00 PDT midnight. The system administrator can change the execution time as per their requirement. VMware recommends that you should not run this job frequently and always run it in off-peak hours.

vRA Delete Queue

Deletes the scheduled import queues that are older than the interval specified.

vRA Reconcile Actions

While importing the day-2 actions from the vRealize Automation, if any day-2 actions is removed from the vRealize Automation. This schedule job automatically removed the day-2 actions from the ServiceNow.


Runs every second to process a limited number of topics from the Job Queue table. Note that the user need not activate, deactivate, or run this job manually. This job is automated to activate or deactivate based on certain conditions.