The ServiceNow system administrator can add users to the approval and support group. Users in the approval group are responsible for approving or rejecting the deployment requests made by the users. The incidents created on the failure of the catalog request submissions are assigned to users of the support group.


You must be the system administrator in ServiceNow.


  1. Log in to ServiceNow as a system administrator.
  2. In the left pane, click System Security > Users and Groups > Users.
  3. Select the user and open the user record.
  4. In the Groups tab, click edit.
  5. From the Collection list:
    1. To add user to the approval group, select the vRealizeAutomation-ApprovalGroup and move it to the Groups List.
    2. To add user to the support group, select the vRealizeAutomation-SupportGroup and move it to the Groups List.
  6. Click Save to add the user to the selected group.
  7. Click Update.

    The user is added to the selected group.

  8. Repeat steps from 2 to 6 to add more users to the required group.

    If you do not add any users to the approval group, the requests get auto approved.