On the Catalog page, you can view all the entitled catalog items. These catalog items are categorized into projects that can be viewed from the left pane. Users can view the entitled catalog items and projects. You can view the catalog items in either Grid View or List View. From the Catalog page, you can also create a request for the deployment of any entitled catalog item.


  1. Open the User Portal, see Accessing the vRealize Automation ITSM Application User Portal.
  2. Click Catalog.

    A list of all the catalog items entitled to the user appears.

  3. Search the desired catalog item, and then click REQUEST.
  4. Complete the displayed request form, and then click Submit.

    The request is sent to the Approval group if, any.


    If the approval group is not configured in ServiceNow, the catalog request is directly submitted to the vRealize Automation instance and vRealize Automation starts working on the request. Until the deployment and related resource provisioning are completed in vRealize Automation, the status of the request in the User Portal appears as Open.