One Cloud Assembly property group might be included in many cloud templates, which affects how you need to manage property groups.

Modifying a property group

Changes to a Cloud Assembly property group affect every cloud template that uses it, including ones that might have already been released to the Service Broker catalog.

The property group list and property group editing pages show the number of cloud templates that include the property group. To see which cloud template would be affected by a change, click the number.

Number of cloud templates that include a property group

Before modifying a property group, make sure that the change is acceptable to everyone who is creating or updating deployments based on the cloud templates listed.

Deleting a property group

Deleting a property group would cause errors in every cloud template that uses it.

You cannot delete a property group until you manually remove it from all of the cloud templates in which it is included. To remove a property group from a cloud template, open the cloud template in the design canvas.

  • Input property groups

    Under the Inputs tab, select and remove the property group. Alternatively, use the code editor to delete the associated property group in the inputs section of the code.

  • Constant property groups

    Use the code editor to delete the associated propgroup entry or entries in the resources section of the code.