If you have an active vRealize Automation Cloud cloud license, you are eligible for a SaltStack Config cloud integration. You can request a SaltStack Config cloud integration using the VMware Cloud Services Console.

Note: The SaltStack Config cloud deployment does not include SSH access, but you can use curl commands or deploy Salt states to make changes to your Salt master.

Requesting a SaltStack Config cloud integration

  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Services Console at https://console.cloud.vmware.com/.
  2. Open a new Support Request. See How Do I Get Support for more detailed instructions on opening a support request.
  3. In the support request, include the following information:
    • Your organization ID
    • Your contact email
    • IP addresses of the devices that need to access SaltStack Config
    • IP addresses of the public IP CIDR range for the SDDC (software-defined datacenter) where your Salt master is located

After submitting this support request, a VMware team deploys your SaltStack Config cloud instance within 24 hours. When the deployment is complete, you will receive a confirmation email containing the details for your new SaltStack Config cloud instance.

Requesting SaltStack Config configuration changes

Because your SaltStack Config cloud instance does not include SSH access, all configuration changes require another support request using the same process explained in the previous section.

In your support request, include:

  • Your organization ID
  • Any state files that need to be applied
  • A description of the requested changes

For faster service, indicate the path to the file you would like to change and list the changes in key-value pairs. For example, if you needed to change the RaaS configuration file to update the sseapi_command_age_limit and sseapi_ssl_validate_cert configuration settings, your request should be formatted similar to the following example:

File: /etc/salt/master.d/raas.conf
Values that need to be changed
sseapi_command_age_limit: 86400
sseapi_ssl_validate_cert: False

Troubleshooting cloud integrations

If your new deployment takes longer than 24 hours to complete or if some elements of your deployment is not working as expected, you can escalate the request to Global Support.