To view the VMware vRealize Automation deployments on the Service Portal, the ServiceNow system administrator must add the VMware vRealize Automation deployment widget on a Service Portal page.


  • You must be the system administrator in the ServiceNow.

  • The application scope must set to Global.

  • The VMware vRealize Automation for ServiceNow ITSM plug-in Service Portal Prefix value must be same as the Service Portal prefix value on your instance. See Setting up the Service Portal Prefix.


  1. Log in to ServiceNow as a system administrator.
  2. In the left pane, click Service Portal > Service Portal Configuration.
  3. Click Designer.

    The Service Portal Designer page opens with a list of all the available pages.

  4. Search for index, and then open the Service Portal page.
  5. Select the required column to insert the widget.
  6. On the top right, click the Edit.
  7. Ensure that the minimum width size for the column is as follows:











  8. Click Save.
  9. On the left pane, in the Filter Widgets text box, search for CAS_SP_deployments.
  10. Drag and drop the widget to the column.

    If the VMware vRealize Automation for ServiceNow ITSM application is registered and VMware vRealize Automation required roles are assigned, the VMware vRealize Automation deployments will display. See Configure the ServiceNow User Roles.

    The vRA Deployments widget display on the Service Portal home page with the five most recent deployment with their status.