Quick cloud automation setup for VMware Cloud on AWS is designed to give VMware Cloud on AWS customers an opportunity to quickly onboard and test drive vRealize Automation Cloud.

During the trial activation process, a collection of vRealize Automation Cloud objects is created for you based on your source SDDC.

As an organization owner in VMware Cloud on AWS, you'll select an SDDC that you own, respond to several user interface prompts, and immediately start using a populated vRealize Automation Cloud deployment in trial mode.

After you respond to some initial prompts for your API token and vCenter user name and password, all vRealize Automation Cloud configuration and onboarding occurs automatically as part of the trial activation process.

When the vRealize Automation Cloud trial activation process is complete, you’ll have access to vRealize Automation Cloud's trio of services – Cloud Assembly Trial, Service Broker, and Code Stream. Within these services, you can experiment with a variety of vRealize Automation Cloud objects that are automatically created for you as part of the activation process. These include a starter catalog item and cloud template design, as well as network, security, machine and storage sizings, and other infrastructure resources that support provisioning definition, flexibility, and control.

Once activated, the vRealize Automation Cloud trial is valid for 45 days.