You must start the vRealize Business for Cloud virtual appliance to verify that your installation was successful.


Verify that you have the VMRC plug-in for vCloud Director installed to work with your browser. See Web Interface Support.


  1. Open the vRealize Business for Cloud appliance.
    • From the vSphere Client, locate the powered on virtual machine and click the Console tab.

    • From vCloud Director, double-click the vApp and select Popout Console.

  2. Wait for few minutes for appliance to start completely and then press Enter.

    This confirms that your appliance has started successfully.

  3. Perform the following steps to verify whether the vRealize Business for Cloud web console is accessible on a browser.
    1. Navigate to the appliance URL by using a supported browser.

      The appliance URL format is https://vRealize_Business_for_Cloud_IP_address:5480.

    2. Login to the appliance by using the root user name and password that you have defined at the time of deployment.
    3. Click Login.

      The vRealize Business for Cloud Web console opens in the browser.

What to do next

For the first time deployment users, register your virtual appliance, see Register vRealize Business for Cloud with vRealize Automation. If you have deployed the vRealize Business for Cloud 7.0 version, Migrate Your vRealize Business Standard 6.2.3 to 7.x.x.