vRealize Business for Cloud does not collect data because of failure in the vCenter Server cost calculation process.


  • You see the storage cost calculation failure message in the Status menu for vCenter Server.

  • The vCenter Server storage service might fail and cause storage profiles not to appear in vRealize Business for Cloud.


This issue might occur because of one of the following scenarios.

  • The Management Web services are not running on the vCenter Server.

  • The vCenter Server user does not have all the following permissions.

    • Storage views.View and Profile-driven storage.Profile-driven storage view permissions

    • Global.vCenter Operations User permission, if vCenter Server is integrated with vRealize Operations Manager

  • The Profile-driven Storage service is not running in vCenter Server.

  • The vCenter Server web services and profile driven services are not running under the same LocalSystem or domain account.

  • For vCenter Server virtual appliance, the OpenSSL heart-bleed patch is applied, but the vCenter Storage Monitoring Service certificates are not upgraded.

  • The DB2 database issue.


  1. To fix the issue, see the KB2060967, KB2076692, KB2015180 knowledge base articles.