You can download the support file, which contains critical runtime information about the system.


  1. Log in to vRealize Automation or data collection manager.
    • To get support for the vRealize Business for Cloud server, log in to the vRealize Automation interface at https://vRealize_Automation_host_name/vcac/org/tenant_URL by using credentials of a tenant administrator, click Administration and Business Management.

    • To get support for the remote data collection manager, log in to https://Remote_Data_Collector_IP_address:9443/dc-ui/login.html by using the root user credentials.

  2. Click Support File, and then click Generate and download file.
  3. Save the file.

    The support zip file is saved as an archive file. You can share the file with the support team to fix the issues.

  4. Select the Enable debug logging to collect the debug level information in the log files, which helps during support and debugging the issue.