You can create, modify, delete and configure a Microsoft Azure account through vRealize Business for Cloud. vRealize Business for Cloud analyzes and displays the cost information for your Microsoft Azure account.


  • You must have a Microsoft Azure Enterprise Agreement (EA) or non-EA account. A non-EA account can be a pay-as-you-go, MSDN, Monetary commitment or Monetary credit offer accounts.

  • To add an EA account, note your 8-digit enrollment number by logging into Azure EA portal ( as an EA administrator. Also, you must generate your primary API access key on the EA portal in the Manage Access section.

  • To add a non-EA account, obtain the Client ID, see You must also know the Azure purchased location for the account. To get the location of purchase, login to Azure portal at, and note the country code mentioned in the address such as IN, US, AU, CN, DE.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Automation interface at https://vRealize_Automation_host_name/vcac/org/tenant_URL by using credentials of a tenant administrator.
  2. Click the Administration tab.
  3. Click Business Management.
  4. Click Manage Hybrid & Public Cloud Connections.
  5. Select Microsoft Azure.
  6. Expand the Azure account type that you want to add.
    • Enterprise Agreement (EA)

    • Non-Enterprise Agreement

  7. Click the add option icon to add an account and enter the required details.
    • For an EA account, provide the following details.

      • Name/Description - Enter a name of your choice.

      • Enrollment Number - Enter your Azure enrollment number.

      • Usage API Access Key - Enter the API Access Key.

    • For a non-Enterprise Agreement (EA) account, provide the following details.

      • Name/Description - Enter a name of your choice.

      • Username - Enter the user name that you have registered with Azure to use the application.


        The user name is not the name that you have as an Azure account.

      • Password - Enter the password for the username.

      • Client ID - Enter the client ID that you have obtained from Microsoft Azure.

      • Location of Purchase - Enter the country code of the Azure purchase location such as IN, US, AU, CN, DE.

  8. Click Save and click OK in the Success dialog.
  9. To edit the details, select the instance entry from the table, click the edit option, modify the details, click Save and click OK in the Success dialog.
  10. To delete an instance, select the instance from the table, click the delete icon in the instance row and click Delete in the confirmation dialog box.