To register your data collector with vRealize Business for Cloud, you must generate a one-time key in the vRealize Business for Cloud server.


Verify that you have deployed and configured the data collector and a vRealize Business for Cloud server. See Deploying a Remote Data Collector


  1. Log in to vRealize Business for Cloud as an administrator.
    • https://vRealize_Automation_host_name/vcac/org/tenant_URL (for the vRealize Automation integrated setup)

    • https://vRealize_Business_for_Cloud_host_name/itfm-cloud(for the vRealize Business for Cloud standalone setup)

  2. Click the Administration tab.
  3. Click Business Management.

    Ignore this step for the vRealize Business for Cloud standalone setup.

  4. Click Manage Data Collection, and select Remote Data Collection.
  5. Click the Generate a new one time use key link.

    You see a key on the Success dialog box.


    The key is active for 20 minutes only.

  6. Copy or note down the key.
  7. Click OK.

What to do next

Log into the data collection manager of the remote data collector on the 9443 port and use the one-time key to register your collector. See Register a Remote Data Collector with vRealize Business for Cloud Server.