The vRealize Business for Cloud dashboard is designed to support unified cloud business management data model. To support better coherent and unified data model, the dashboard is categorized into main categories such as Overview, Expenses, Operational Analysis, Consumption, Planning and Reports.

Table 1. vRealize Business for Cloud Dashboard




Provides information about total expense, cost of operations, and the total consumption cost.


Provides all infrastructure expenses, which includes private, public and hybrid cloud expense details.

Operational Analysis

Provides the cost breakdown information for the current month cost, trend, and total percentage value of CPU, RAM, storage, operating system (license and labor) consumption in your cloud environment.


Provides cost and charge values associated with the resources and provides reclamation information. It allows you to set the budget values and helps to analyse about the usage of the cloud services based on cost and charge values. You can see the showback statement.


Provides the cost estimation of running a completely new instance or an existing instance of a virtual machine in the private cloud by using the cost drivers of your private cloud, and then provides you with a comparison of the cost of the same configuration in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and vCloud Hybrid Service cloud models. It enables you for data center optimization.


Enables you to generate reports to get cost details of vCenter Server, vCloud Director, vRealize Automation, and the public cloud details. You can also create customized reports.