vCloud Air Overview is a dashboard that displays the expense summary such as account and service cost and distribution of cost across service IDs, cloud subscription types or service offerings. You can see the top expense changes in Service IDs, and virtual machine summary such as average virtual machine cost, virtual machine state and its count in each state.

vCloud Air Overview includes widgets to provide virtual machine expense information.


If the vCloud Air account was added from more than six months, the Total Expense trend displays the expense for the last six months only. Otherwise, the trend displays the total cost from the month the vCloud Air was added into vRealize Business for Cloud.

  • Total Expense - The graph displays the current expense and projected expense of vCloud Air accounts for the current month. You can also see a graph that represents the projected vCloud Air monthly expense trend.

  • Features - This graph displays the expense of storage and other service or resource expense such as CPU, memory, bandwidth, public IP. You can also see the allocated and unallocated cost for storage and service or resource.

  • Service IDs - This graph displays the expense distribution across each service ID.

  • Service Offerings - This graph displays the expense distribution for each vCloud Air service offering such as On Demand, Dedicated Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, and Disaster Recovery.

  • Largest Changes in Service IDs -This graph displays the top three expense changes in service IDs that are compared with cost of previous month.

  • VM at a Glance - This graph displays the virtual machine count and average cost per month. It also displays the virtual machine count based on the power status such as on, off, suspended or others (when the status is unknown).


The projected expense for public cloud and vCloud Air is calculated by using the following equation:

Projected cost = A + ((B/24) * n), where, A is the total cost till date, B is the cost of previous day and n is the remaining number of hours for the current month.