You can add the fixed and recurring charges for network services consumed by business units, and associate these charges with one or more business units. vRealize Business categorizes these charges as additional services.


  1. Log in to vRealize Business for Cloud as an administrator.
    • https://vRealize_Automation_host_name/vcac/org/tenant_URL (for the vRealize Automation integrated setup)

    • https://vRealize_Business_for_Cloud_host_name/itfm-cloud(for the vRealize Business for Cloud standalone setup)

  2. Click Business Management.
  3. Under Consumption, click Pricing and Charges.
  4. Select Pricing, click Edit and select Edit Pricing.
  5. Click Private Cloud (vSphere).
  6. Expand the Network Services section.

    By default, you see five services named Edge Gateway, Elastic IP, Firewall, Load Balancer, and VPN.

  7. Add a policy to apply charges for a new network service.
    1. Click Add.
    2. In the Add Policy page, enter a name for the policy.
    3. Specify the one-time charge and recurring charge for the policy.
    4. Click Save.

      You see the new policy listed under Network Services.


      After you add a new network price policy, you must edit the policy and map it to a business unit.

  8. Edit the policies to map to the business units.
    1. Expand the policy that you want to edit under Network Services.
    2. Click Edit.
    3. Click the add icon in the Additional Services window.
    4. Select a business unit for which you want to map the network price.

      You can all multiple business units for a single network policy.

    5. Enter the number of network instances that the business unit is utilizing.
    6. Click Save.

      The price you enter is multiplied by the number of instances that you map, and appears in Showback > Additional Services.

  9. Modify the charges of the policy.
    1. Expand the policy that you want to edit under Network Services.
    2. Modify the values for one-time charge and recurring charge.
    3. Click Save to save the charges.

    The charges you add will be reflected under Additional Services in the Showback section.