When a user logs in to vRealize Business for Cloud, the user might see a message to contact the system administrator for the required roles.


The user is not assigned the required vRealize Business for Cloud role in VMware Identity Manager.


  1. Log in to the VMware Identity Manager virtual appliance at https://VMware_Identity_Manager_hostname as an administrator.
  2. Click Users & Groups.

    You can see the following vRealize Business for Cloud roles in the list.

    • vRBC_Administrator, which provides the business administrator privileges.

    • vRBC_Controller, which provides view access to specific business units.

    • vRBC_ViewOnly, which provides read-only privileges.

  3. Select the vRealize Business for Cloud role that you want to assign to the user.
  4. Select Users in This Group and click Modify Users in This Group.
  5. Search for and select the user name to which you want to add the role.
  6. Click Next.

    You see the name of the user in the Users Being Added section.

  7. Click Save.

    The user name is added to the Users in this Group table.