You are unable to add an AWS account that you want to track and analyze by using vRealize Business for Cloud.


On the Administration tab, when you attempt to add an AWS account, an AWS data collection error appears in the system status. Review the itfm-server.log file for more details about the error.


This problem might occur because of one of the following reasons.

  • When adding an account, the paying accounts are not marked as primary accounts.

  • The AWS CSV file is huge and exceeds the available storage on vRealize Business for Cloud virtual appliance.

  • For paying accounts, you have not enabled the detailed billing report.

  • The account ID contains special characters or alphabets or the length of account ID is greater than 12 characters.

  • The billing report is unavailable in the S3 bucket.

  • You do not have permissions to add the account.


  • To resolve this problem, perform the applicable step out of the following solutions.
    • Verify that the paying account is selected as a primary account while adding an account.

    • Enable the detailed bill option for the paying accounts.

    • Verify that the account ID does not contain any special characters.

    • Ensure that at least one billing report present in the S3 bucket follows the following naming convention, where 123456789012 is the account ID, yyyy is the year, and mm is the month.

    • For a paying account, ensure that the AWS user has required permissions such as s3:Get*, s3:List*, and ec2:Describe*.

      For a non-paying account, verify that the AWS user has the ec2:Describe* permission.