After you add SRM servers to vRealize Business for Cloud, storage array details do not appear.


  • When you click the Status option, you see a synchronization failure message in the EMC SRM servers section.

  • After adding EMC SRM servers, vRealize Business for Cloud does not display the storage array and its related details. No error is reported in the /var/log/vrb/data-collector/itfm-srm-dc.log log file.


  • vRealize Business for Cloud has not collected the complete data for SRM storage or the data collection is still in progress.

  • ReportManagerService might not be returning SRM storage data to vRealize Business for Cloud.


  • To resolve the problem, perform the applicable step out of the following solutions.
    • Verify that the storage arrays are added to SRM in the SRM user interface.

    • Ensure that the storage data collection process is complete by verifying the updated timestamp for the storage server data collection in the system status window.

      By default, SRM storage data collection happens on daily basis.

    • After adding the SRM server to vRealize Business for Cloud, wait for a few hours to complete data collection. For more information about any error details, see the /var/log/vrb/data-collector/itfm-srm-dc.log file.

  • Verify whether SRM ReportManagerService is returning data by performing following steps.
    1. Download and install SOAP user interface from
    2. Configure ReportManagerService endpoint with a user ID and password at http://SRM-server/APG .
    3. Invoke requests to verify the payload. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <node xmlns="" name="List of arrays" order="2" singleNodeId="3820e72f" xmlns:xsi=""> <property xsi:type="PropertyNodeColumn" name="System Name" property="device"/> <property xsi:type="PropertyNodeColumn" name="Serial #" sortMode="asc#1" property="serialnb"/> <property xsi:type="PropertyNodeColumn" name="IPs" property="ip"/> <property xsi:type="PropertyNodeColumn" name="Model" property="model"/> <property xsi:type="PropertyNodeColumn" name="Array Type" property="arraytyp"/> <property xsi:type="ValueNodeColumn" name="Array Usable Capacity" filterExpression="(name=='ConfiguredUsableCapacity' | name== 'NASFSCapacity')&amp; !(parttype)" period="3600" forcePeriod="never" timeThreshold="2"/> <property xsi:type="NodePropertyNodeColumn" name="System Type" sortMode="asc" nodeProperty="expandedNames[1]"/> <formula formulaId="util.ChildCount"> <result name="Count" default="false" graphable="false"/> </formula> <node name="array" singleNodeId="f9dc2ffc"> <property xsi:type="NodeExpansion" expandOn="device,datatype"/> <property xsi:type="NodeFilter" filterExpression="name=='Availability' &amp; vstatus='active'"/> <property xsi:type="ReportPreferences" defaultMode="mix" displayedProperties="model[Model] serialnb[Serial number] partvrs[Operating Environment]"/> <property xsi:type="NodePropertyNodeColumn" name="Component" nodeProperty="name"/> <property xsi:type="NodePropertyNodeColumn" name="Description" nodeProperty="reportPreferences.description"/> <property xsi:type="ValueNodeColumn" name="Count" resultName="Count" forcePeriod="true" timeThreshold="600" roundingAccuracy="0"/> </node> </node>