After you determine the total expense for your cloud infrastructure, you can allocate these costs to the underlying resources that constitute the services. These resources are CPU, RAM, storage, and operating system (license and labor). The operational analysis considers the CPU, RAM, and storage as first class components of the cloud infrastructure.

The operational analysis module accepts the total monthly operating cost in your cloud infrastructure as modeled by using the cost driver component as input, and arrives at base rate for CPU, storage base rates and RAM expressed in terms of dollar per gigahertz of CPU and dollar per gigabytes of storage base rates and RAM. The derived base rates for CPU, memory, and storage configured in the cost driver are then used to attribute the total cloud cost for the month to the virtual machines to arrive at the total cost of operating virtual machines for the month. Certain costs are directly attributed to the virtual machines, for example desktop operating system licenses and labor costs. These are not part of resource base rates, and are classified under the heading of OS (License and Labor).

The Resources table under VM Costs displays cost breakdown information in terms of the current month cost, trend, and total percentage value of CPU, RAM, storage, operating system (license and labor) consumption in your cloud environment. You can filter the resource cost information, its generation details and virtual machine cost based on each data center or view all data centers cost information together, by using the All Data Centers drop-down list.