You can see the information about all additional services that you have added to the pricing policies.


Add additional services to the pricing policies. See Add Additional Charges.


  1. Log in to vRealize Business for Cloud as an administrator.
    • https://vRealize_Automation_host_name/vcac/org/tenant_URL (for the vRealize Automation integrated setup)

    • https://vRealize_Business_for_Cloud_host_name/itfm-cloud (for the vRealize Business for Cloud standalone setup)

  2. Click Business Management.
  3. Expand Consumption > Showback > Reports.
  4. Click Additional Services.

    By default, you see the information for the current month. To see the data for the other months, you must clear the filter.

    You see the list of additional service names that you have added to the virtual machines and network services with the total monthly price for each service. You can also see the month, the business unit name, account ID to which the service belongs.

  5. Click Edit and perform the following actions to edit.




    • Under the View column, select the reports field names to display or hide in the view.

    • Lock or unlock the field to freeze the positions in the view.

    • Sort the field values in ascending or descending order.

    Grouping and Charts

    • Select a report field name from Group by column drop-down menu to group the report based on the selected column name.

    • Select a report field name from the Function Column drop-down menu and an operation such as Max, Min, Average, or Sum from the Functions drop-down menu to display the group summary.

    • Select the Report Chart option and click a report type to create a chart based on the values.


    • Enter a search string or value in the Cross Column Filter search box and click OK. You can also select the values from the auto-fill list.

    • Click Add to create a filter and in the Add Filter window, select a field name and provide the filter criteria based on which you want to filter the values. Click Add.

    • To modify a filter, select the filter from the table and click the edit option. Enter the new filter criteria and click Set.

    • To delete a filter, select the filter from the table and click the delete option.

  6. Click OK to save the changes.
  7. Click Clear Filters to clear the filter criteria you have defined.
  8. Click Save to save the report with the defined filters and view them with updated values later.
  9. To filter for specific information, enter the string in the search field or enter few characters of the string and select the values from the auto-fill list.

    vRealize Business for Cloud filters and displays the result based on the search string.

  10. Click Export to save the values in a Microsoft Excel file.

    An .xls file is downloaded with the values that appear on the screen.