Microsoft Azure Overview lets you view the estimated total monthly expense, expense per account type, expense distribution per service and virtual machine summary.

  • Total Expense - The graph displays the Azure expense, which includes the actual expense and the total estimated monthly expense. And also, you can see the monthly expense trend.


    The Total Expense trend displays the total expense for the last 12 months based on the cost in the bill. However, for the first time when account is added, the expense trend is displayed for three months by default, or based on the months set by the configuration.

  • Services - This graph displays the estimated expense distributed among different services like Virtual Machine, Storage, Networking, Data Management, and other services across all accounts.

  • Accounts - This graph displays the actual expense for Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Non-Enterprise Agreement (Non-EA) accounts.

  • Largest Changes in Accounts -This graph displays the expense changes of EA and non-EA accounts compared to expense in the previous month.

  • VMs at a Glance - This graph displays the total virtual machine count and average expense of each virtual machine per month. It also displays the virtual machine count based on its power status whether stopped, running, or terminated.