vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 allows you to ignore a partial inventory at the cluster level to avoid use of license and perform cost analysis for unwanted virtual machines.

Note: Partial inventory is support at cluster level and not at data center level or virtual machine level.


Ensure that you add the cluster that you want to deny or block in the configuration service.


  1. Log in to SSH with the root credentials.
  2. Run the GET command to verify if there are any denied or blocked clusters.

    python /usr/ITFM-Cloud/va-tools/bin/partialVC.py GET vcenter-url

  3. Add a cluster that you want to deny or block.
    python /usr/ITFM-Cloud/va-tools/bin/partialVC.py SET vcenter-url cluster-name1 cluster-name2
  4. Run the monit restart vrbc-xenon-services command to update the changes.
  5. Perform one of the following to delete the virtual machines under the clusters under the denylist:
    • Go to the Administration tab on the vRealize Business for Cloud user interface, delete the vCenter Server and again add the vCenter Server.
    • Run the monit restart itbm-data-collector command and trigger the cost calculation manually on the vRealize Business for Cloud user interface.
      Note: Even if you restart the data collector, you see the deleted virtual machines listed in the Virtual Machine report that are marked as deleted. However, when the cost calculation happens in the next month, these virtual machines will not appear in the report.
  6. To remove the denied or blocked cluster or to allow a cluster for cost calculation, perform the following steps:
    1. Run the GET command to see the clusters under the denylist.
    2. Run the Set command by removing the cluster that you want to allow.
      For example, if you have two denied clusters and you want to allow one of those, run the following command:
      python /usr/ITFM-Cloud/va-tools/bin/partialVC.py SET vcenter-url cluster-name1
      Note: If you run the SET command without specifying the cluster name, all the blocked clusters in the vCenter Server will be allowed.