To minimize system downtime and data loss in the event of failures, administrators can back up the vRealize Business for Cloud installation on a regular basis. If your system fails, you can recover by restoring the last known working backup. The system administrator backs up the vRealize Business for Cloud by exporting or cloning the virtual appliance and uses backups to restore the virtual appliance.

Back up appliances by exporting or cloning them. You can use the following methods to create backups:
  • The vSphere Export function
  • Cloning
  • Tools like VMware vSphere Data Protection and Symantec NetBackup, to create backups of the VMs
  • Back up virtual appliances

    You can use snapshots to back up virtual appliances only if you store or replicate them to a location other than the appliance location. If the snapshot image is accessible after a failure, using it is the most direct way to restore the appliance.

If a failure occurs, a system administrator must restore vRealize Business for Cloud to a functional state.