You can edit the total operating system licensing cost and VMware license cost of your cloud environment. You can edit the license cost by either selecting the ELA charging policy or selecting the per socket value.


  1. Log in to vRealize Business for Cloud as an administrator.
    • https://vRealize_Automation_host_name/vcac/org/tenant_URL (for the vRealize Automation integrated setup)
    • https://vRealize_Business_for_Cloud_host_name/itfm-cloud (for the vRealize Business for Cloud standalone setup)
  2. Click Business Management.
  3. Expand Expenses and expand Private Cloud (vSphere).
  4. Select Cost Drivers.
  5. Select the Licensing tab.
    vRealize Business for Cloud displays all the licenses in your cloud environment.
    Category Description
    Name Displays the category of the operating system. If the operating system is not Windows or Linux, vRealize Business for Cloud categorizes the operating system under Other Operating Systems.
    VMs Displays the number of virtual machines that are running on the specific operating system.
    Sockets Displays the number of sockets on which the specific operating system is running.
    Charged by Displays whether cost is charged by socket or ELA.
    Total Cost Displays the total cost of the specific operating system.
    Reference Cost Displays the reference cost as defined in the vRealize Business for Cloud reference database.
  6. (Optional) Select a data center from the All Data Centers drop-down list to view or edit the licensing cost calculations of a specific the data center.
    Note: For physical servers, VMware license is not applicable.
  7. Click the edit icon for which you want to change the monthly cost.
    The license details page is displayed, which summarizes operating system and VMware license information running in your environment.
  8. Edit the monthly cost of operating systems.
    • Select the monthly cost of a operating system per socket and modify the cost value.
    • Select the monthly cost of a operating system ELA and modify the cost value.
      Note: For the Windows operating system group, an additional option lets you charge for Windows desktops according to the ELA policy.
  9. Click Save.


According to your inputs, vRealize Business for Cloud calculates and displays the total cost and updates the Charged by column with the option that you have selected.