A test task lets you test the deployment or application.

About this task

For example, the plug-in provider for this task is Jenkins. The task output is a test result. If you configure a Jenkins test job to fail if test failures occur, then the release pipeline also fails. The Jenkins plug-in version 1.519 or later is supported.

Figure 1. Sample Test Task
Sample test task showing Jenkins job


  • Verify that you used vRealize Orchestrator to register the Jenkins server. See Registering Plug-in Instances for Release Pipeline

  • Verify that you modified the appropriate jobs in the Jenkins server with the following parameters.

    • Create a parameter with the string vRCSTestExecutionId.

    • Token - Select the trigger builds remotely. Enter an authentication token that is the input for the pipeline.


  1. Select Release Automation.
  2. Select the pipeline to configure from the Pipeline tab.
  3. Select Edit > Stages.
  4. Select Add Task.
  5. Select Test from the Category drop-down menu.
  6. Select Jenkins from the Provider drop-down menu.
  7. Select the Jenkins server you registered in vRealize Orchestrator from the drop-down menu.
  8. Enter a name for the test task and click OK.
  9. Select the new task from the stage column.
  10. Confirm to save the pipeline for configuration.
  11. Select the Jenkins job from the Jobs drop-down menu.

    Only the jobs that have the two parameters mentioned in the prerequisites are available in the menu.

  12. Enter the Jenkins job properties and job output properties.
  13. Click Save.

Output Format for a Test Task

The following task output format is an example for a test task.

            "name": "buildId",
            "type": "STRING",
            "description": "Build Id",
            "value": "4"
            "name": "jobUrl",
            "type": "STRING",
            "description": "Job Url",
            "value": ""
            "name": "estimatedDuration",
            "type": "NUMBER",
            "description": "Estimation time to complete the build",
            "value": "2332343"
            "name": "jobName",
            "type": "STRING",
            "description": "Job Name",
            "value": "dummy"
            "name": "testResult",
            "type": "JSON",
            "description": "Job Name",
            "value": {
                "totalCount": 40,
                "skipCount": 0,
                "failureCount": 0,
                "successCount": 40