Pipeline variables are runtime variables that are output from a previous task and are available for consumption by other tasks.

vRealize Code Stream uses task output variables and constant variables.

Task Output Variables

You can use the $VAR notation to have a task consume parameters that are available as pipeline runtime variables or the output produced from other tasks. You can select task output variables when you configure Release Automation. When these variables need to be consumed as a direct input to any field in the UI, you can set them as BUILD_ID = 123, where 123 is the value of $BUILD_ID. The variable must be consumed as $BUILD_ID.

When this is consumed as vcac-123.war, where 123 is pulled from $BUILD_ID, it must be consumed as vcac-${BUILD_ID}.war.

Constant Variables

Plug-ins can use constant variables as part of input configurations. These variables are replaced at runtime with the values where they are placed.

When the plug-in writers implement the plug-in spec API, it displays ReleasePluginServiceException exception.

public ResponseResult execute(ExecutionContext executionContext)

The executionContext contains the getTrackingProperties() method, which is populated by default with a unique UUID combination. The combination contains the executionId of the vRealize Orchestrator and the task ID that can be used in the external systems to tie their execution with the execution of the release pipeline.