With the vRealize Orchestrator workflow plug-in for the custom task, you can use any of the custom vRealize workflows from release automation. You can select the custom workflow, configure it, and use it to model the pipeline and execute from release automation.


  • Verify that the vRealize Automation server is installed with vRealize Code Stream.

  • Verify that the workflow for custom workflow is created.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator client to create a workflow.
  2. Select Library > Tagging > Tag workflow.

    The Tag workflow is required for any custom user workflow.

    By default, Manual Task workflow is provided.

  3. Right-click the Tag workflow and select Start Workflow.
  4. Select custom workflow in the Tagged workflow.

    For example, the tagged workflow can be Deploy Spring Travel.

  5. Enter the tag as CUSTOM.
  6. Enter the value as CUSTOM.
  7. Click the Yes button for the Global tag and click Submit.
  8. Click the Release Automation tab in vRealize Automation to continue with the task configuration.