A tenant administrator can assign the release manager, release engineer, and the release dashboard user roles, which are an integral part of release automation.

These roles have various responsibilities when they interact with the product. See Configuring Additional Tenants.

Each stage in the release pipeline defines a set of activities such as initialize, deploy, test, approval, custom tasks, and troubleshoot. The following table lists the roles and responsibilities of the personas.

Table 1. Roles and Responsibilities in vRealize Code Stream



Release Manager

  • Define and create a pipeline template

  • Define different stages in a pipeline template

  • Define access permissions for release engineers

  • Define gating rules

  • Register repositories

  • Register CI and test frameworks

  • Approve promotion to different stages

Release Engineer

  • Retrieve artifacts

  • Deploy artifacts to an environment

  • Trigger a pipeline

  • Monitor pipeline execution

  • View test results

  • Trigger tests

  • Review test results

Release Dashboard User

  • View the artifact, machine, and pipeline data on the dashboard

  • Troubleshoot a failed pipeline