With the vRealize Orchestrator workflow plug-in for gating rules, you can use any workflow as a gating rule workflow from release automation. You can select the custom workflow, configure it with the vRCS_GATING_RULE tag, and use it to model the release pipeline and execute the release pipeline.


  • Verify that the vRealize Automation server is installed with vRealize Code Stream.

  • Verify that the workflow for vRCS_GATING_RULE Workflow is created.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator client to create a workflow.
  2. Select Library > Tagging > Tag workflow.
  3. Right-click the Tag workflow and select Start Workflow.
  4. Click the Tagged Workflow text box to select the vRCS_GATING_RULE workflow.
  5. Enter the tag as vRCS_GATING_RULE.
  6. Enter the value as vRCS_GATING_RULE.
  7. Click Yes for the Global tag and click Submit.
  8. Click the Code Stream tab in vRealize Automation to continue with the task configuration.