After you upgrade the master node in the vRealize Appliance you can optionally configure the external PostgreSQL database to merge into an embedded PostgreSQL master node.

About this task

This is the last task in the upgrade process. You can perform this task anytime after upgrade is finished.

This task is not required if it is not applicable to your deployment environment.


Verify that the master node in the vRealize Appliance is upgraded.


  1. Select your master vRealize Appliance as described in the knowledge base article at
  2. Log in to the primary virtual appliance by using SSH.
  3. Navigate to the /etc/vcac/server.xml file to verify that the jdbc:postgresql database connection points to the external IP address of the master virtual appliance.
  4. Open a command-line prompt and check the vPostgres service status.

    service vpostgres status

    If the service is not running, enter the service vpostgres start command.

  5. Enter the merge command.

    vcac-vami db-merge-external

  6. Reboot the primary virtual appliance.
  7. Wait for the primary virtual appliance to start.
  8. Verify that all of the services are running with the exception that the IaaS-service should appear as REGISTERED.