After you install the updates, you must update the Single-Sign On utility to the VMware Identity Manager utility and assign a new password.


  1. Log out of the vRealize Appliance management console and log back in.
  2. Select vRA Settings > SSO tab.
  3. Enter a new VMware Identity Manager password and click Save Settings.

    Do not use simple passwords. You can safely ignore the error message SSO server is not connected. It can require several minutes to restart the services that appears.

    The new VMware Identity Manager password is accepted.

    For a high-availability deployment, the password is applied to the first vRealize Appliance node and propagated to all of the secondary vRealize Appliance nodes.

  4. Verify that all of the services are running.
    1. Log in to the vRealize Appliance management console.
    2. Click the Services tab on the console.
    3. Click the Refresh tab to monitor the progress of service startup.

      You should see a minimum of 30 services.

  5. Verify that all of the services are registered except the iaas-service.

What to do next

Update the License Key