You can retrieve log files from a remote machine to troubleshoot a failure in a release pipeline.



  1. Select Code Stream > Pipeline Executions.
  2. Locate the failed release pipeline.
  3. Expand the failed release pipeline to view the details.
  4. Click the troubleshoot icon (Icon to open the release pipeline components in the troubleshooting view.).

    The troubleshooting view opens.

  5. Expand the Input and Output sections to view the details of the failed task.
  6. Click Add Log to upload the log files from the remote machine by using SSH.
  7. Enter the remote machine information.



    Host Name

    Name of the remote machine.

    User credentials

    Enter the user name and password.


    Specify the log file path in the remote machine.

    To retrieve all of the logs matching a file extension, add the wild card character asterisk (*) to the file name. For example, /path/test/*.jar.

  8. Click Upload to retrieve the logs.
  9. Click Refresh to view the status of the log retrieval.

    If the log fails to upload, verify that the file server is accurate and add the log again.


The log file appears in the Logs section.