When a release pipeline execution is complete, the data for the artifacts, machines, and pipelines is available in the release dashboard, which is an experimental feature. The release dashboard home page summarizes the total number of artifacts, pipelines, and machines. It also lists the number of successful, in progress, or failed pipelines.

As a Release Dashboard user you can view artifacts, machines, and pipelines, and track the cross dependencies between these resource types to facilitate troubleshooting when deployments fail or exceed the expected deployment time threshold.

The Artifacts resource section lists all of the artifacts that the executed pipelines deploy. When you select an artifact, the associated details of the artifact and the details of the parent pipelines' execution instances that deployed this artifact instance appear. The Machines resource section uses the vRealize Automation machine provisioning to list all of the machines that are deployed through an executed pipeline. The Pipeline resource section lists each instance of a successful and failed pipeline execution.

On the right side of the home page, you can view the recently updated resources, a summary of the pipeline details, and the status of the related machines and artifacts.

You can navigate to the Pipelines page and click the failed pipeline or navigate to the Machines page to identify the related machines that might have caused the deployment to fail. A Release Dashboard user can view each artifact in the pipeline and associated pipelines to verify that the pipeline did not fail because of that artifact.