If you plan to store large binaries you can configure external disk partition to the default Artifactory server and synchronize the existing artifacts.

About this task

The local storage in the appliance is 25 GB.


  • Verify that you have a vRealize Automation host.

  • Verify that the NFS share path is available with adequate storage.


  1. Open a terminal and SSH in the vRealize Automation host using root@VRA-host-name.
  2. Type the vRealize Automation appliance password.
  3. Stop the artifactory server.
    /opt/jfrog/artifactory/bin/artifactroy.sh stop
  4. Mount the NFS share to the vRealize Automation host.
    mount NFS-server-host-name:/host/NFS-share-host-path /mount/VRA-path
  5. Navigate to the /opt/jfrog/artifactory/misc/db/postgresql.properties file.
  6. Uncomment the binary.provider.type entry in the file.
  7. Add the new NFS share path in the file.
  8. Restart the artifactory server.
    /opt/jfrog/artifactory/bin/artifactroy.sh start

What to do next

Synchronize the existing artifacts to the new external disk partition. See Changing the Default Storage topic on the JFrog Web site.