Before you begin an upgrade process, you complete the backup prerequisites.

About this task


  • Verify that your source installation is fully installed and configured.

  • Backup vRealize Automation appliance configuration files in the following directories for each appliance.

    • /etc/vcac/

    • /etc/vco/

    • /etc/apache2/

    • /etc/rabbitmq/

  • Backup all databases.

  • Create a snapshot of your tenant configuration and the users assigned.

  • Backup any files you have customized, such as DataCenterLocations.xml.

  • Create a snapshot of your virtual appliances. Adhere to regular guidelines for backing up the entire system in case vRealize Automation upgrade fails for whatever reason. See Configuring vRealize Suite 6.0 for Backup and Restore topics in vRealize Suite documentation.