When you perform an upgrade from vRealize Automation appliance 6.2.x to 7.1 release, you update all vRealize Automation appliance components in a specific order.

Use the checklists to track your work as you complete the upgrade. Complete the tasks in the order they are given.


You must upgrade components in the prescribed order and upgrade all components. Using a different order can result in unexpected behavior after the upgrade or failure of the upgrade to complete.

For information about all supported upgrade paths, see the release notes for vRealize Automation, available on the VMware vRealize Automation Documentation landing page.

Table 1. Checklist for Upgrade of a Minimal vRealize Automation appliance Deployment



Back up your current installation. This is a critical step.

For more information on how to back up and restore your system, see Backing up and Saving Your Existing Environment.

For general information, see Configuring Backup and Restore by Using Symantec Netbackup at http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vrealize-backup-and-restore-netbackup.pdf

Configure your hardware resources.

See Increase vRealize Automation appliance Hardware Resources for Upgrade.

Download updates to the vRealize Automation appliance.

See Downloading vRealize Automation Appliance Updates.

Install the update on the vRealize Automation appliance.

See Install the Update on vRealize Automation Appliance 6.2.x.

Update the Single-Sign On utility to the VMware Identity Manager utility.

See Update Your Single Sign-On Password for VMware Identity Manager.

Update the license key.

See Update the License Key.

Migrate the Identity Store to the VMware Identity Manager

See Migrate Identity Stores to the VMware Identity Manager