You can import a release pipeline model to avoid recreating a release pipeline.

Pipelines exported from vRealize Code Stream 2.0 and 2.1 appliances can be imported.

If the release pipeline is using configured endpoint, configured them on the appliance before you import the release pipeline. If an endpoint is not configured on the appliance, you receive an error message.

HTTP Method


URI Syntax


The overwrite value is set to false by default and is optional. When the overwrite value is set to true, the imported release pipeline model overwrites the existing pipeline with the same name.


The imported release pipeline model can be in the XML or JSON format depending on whether the HTTP Content-Type header is set to application/json or application/xml.

The imported pipeline is always in the draft state.

   <status>rp01 import successful</status>

Existing Release Pipeline Name Response

The imported release pipeline model name exists.

    <error code="18142">
        <message>Importing Release pipeline failed.</message>
        <systemMessage>The pipeline name Sample Pipeline already exists. Please rename the pipeline or use the overwrite option</systemMessage>