You can add a Custom Service Blueprint task to add a XaaS blueprint. A service blueprint task allows you invoke a plug-in available in the vRealize Automation service catalog from a release pipeline. You can publish a predefined workflow from vRealize Orchestrator to the vRealize Automation service catalog.

About this task

The service blueprint task has the following limitations.

  • When there are multiple tabs in the service blueprint task form only the active tab is validated, when you save the task.

  • String type output parameter values of published catalog items are supported.

  • String, SecureString, and boolean string input parameter values are supported in the task execution input parameter text box.

  • Auto-complete is supported for text boxes that have the gwt-TextBox css property value.

  • Form field layout and validation logic cannot be overridden.

  • Plug-ins in the service catalog that are only from local vRealize Automation instances can be invoked.


  • Verify that a service blueprint is created and published. See the Installation and Configuration guide.

  • Familiarize yourself with the parameter values that are required to configure and use the vRealize Orchestrator plug-in for Puppet. See the Using the vRealize Orchestrator Puppet Plug-In 1.0 guide.


  1. Click the Code Stream tab.
  2. Select an existing pipeline to configure from the Pipeline tab.
  3. Select Edit > Stages.
  4. Select Add Task.
  5. Select Execute Service Blueprints from the Provider drop-down menu.
  6. Select a published service blueprint from the drop-down menu.

    For example, if you are using the published Puppet plug-in workflow, the endpoint would be Add a Puppet Master.

  7. Enter the Tagged workflow, Tag, Value, and Global tag.
  8. Click Save.